Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Informix TimeSeries in Wind Power Generation

Writing about Informix TimeSeries after long time. I have been working on numerous projects in energy sector and vehicle tracking systems where I found great acceptability from solution vendors as well as customers for TimeSeries. The TimeSeries with all its capabilities finding great significance in wider space called sensor data management and Internet of Things (IoT) and IBM is continuing investing a lot in TimeSeries development. In recent few releases IBM development concentrated on performance improvement, storage saving, ease of administration and better interoperability with other features of Informix.

Recently IBM India has been successful penetrating Wind Power energy generation sector with some major players where Informix TimeSeries is playing critical role in managing operational data collected from SCADA system. Similarly lots of ISVs working in IoT space like Vehicle Tracking System, Energy Management software has started adopting Informix widely.

One of the major Wind Power generation company in India has been able to save 1.2 million USD per year on 600MW portfolio.

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